Trophy Whitetail Deer Breeder & Ranch Hunts

Established in 2006, Tara Farms is a vertically integrated operation. We began by selecting the best quality does and 2 bucks to begin our mission of producing quality whitetail. Since then we have built a herd of genetically proven animals that were born and bred here. We only release quality animals into our hunting preserve, which were bred in our selective breeding operation that has produced Tara Farm's breeder bucks.


BORN: 2013


BORN: 2014

BREEDER BUCK: RED 428     BORN: 2014


Tara Farms Hunting Cabin

Tara Farms is a great way to get the best hunting experience with the help of our expert guides. Our staff is dedicated to breeding healthy trophy animals including exotics and whitetail deer; striving to give you a phenomenal experience. Tara Farms’ experienced staff has contacts in the hunting industry and local ranches, so if you’re looking to hunt something we don’t have, we can find it for you.

Located near the Killeen Regional Airport, we help you get your deer flight-ready before you head home. Our experienced staff will take care of your trophy after your outing.

We also work with organizations and can donate your processed kill to those in need. Browse our photo gallery and check out the great selection of trophy whitetail deer we feature. If you’re looking for the hunt of a lifetime, contact Tara Farms to book your next great hunting adventure today!